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      Txiga Produçoes​​' DJ NinOo Shares a Vigorous Track off His New EP

      September 27, 2016 8:20 PM

      Release art courtesy of the label

      Oeiras, Portugal-based producer and Txiga Produçoes affiliate DJ NinOo has shared "Axibangonfu," a vigorously kinetic new track off his forthcoming EP for Los Angeles label TAR, Sounds of NinOo. The track's elements—a pensive marimba and a measured rhythmic bass line—seem to run on congruent yet semi-autonomous timelines, glued together by a female voice chanting the titular phrase throughout.

      The producer gave THUMP some background for his work via email. "I'm 20 years old & I began producing in 2010 inspired by the sounds of DJ Maboku & Lilocox from Príncipe," he said. "In this upcoming EP with TAR I just wanted to show people a bit of an introduction to my work & sounds of Lisbon, I hope people enjoy it. 'Axibangonfu' is named after a dance move; in Lisbon the music that we make is very common in's the ghetto sound."

      Sounds of NinOo will released November 9.

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