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      Killin' It: Photos From DJ Booths Around The World Killin' It: Photos From DJ Booths Around The World

      Killin' It: Photos From DJ Booths Around The World

      June 16, 2015 1:55 PM

      The layout of the club is everything. From the coat room to bathroom, from the dancefloor to the balconies, tucked away alcoves, and of course—the bar, the success and longevity of a nightclub often depends not just on its music, but on a masterful design. While many of the spatial elements of a club pertain to areas beneath, aside, or in some cases, above the DJ, the area the selector him or herself occupies—the DJ booth—is pivotal to your clubbing experience.

      The DJ booth is like the cockpit of the club: it's from here the captain controls her or his faithful minions, orchestrating their every move from opening hour all the way until the early morning when that final track gets cued up. Every DJ is different, and so is every club, so it only makes sense that every DJ booth you find a DJ spinning from withholds its own unique character and vibe. These are DJs booths from many of the world's most celebrated rooms to dance in, both old new, and in some cases, long gone into the annals of clubbing yore.

      You can't always see what goes on inside the DJ booth, but rest assured, it's here that a lot of the magic happens.


      Sound Factory, NYC. Photo via

      Twilo, (1995-2001). Photo via

      Crisco Disco, NYC. Photo via

      Danceteria, NYC. Photo via

      Studio 54, (1977-1981).Photo via The Strut.

      The Warehouse, (1977-1982)

      The Music Box.

      Paradise Garage, 1977-1987

      The Loft


      Space Ibiza (Terrace). Photo via Pinterest.

      DC-10. Photo via Pinterest.

      Pacha. Photo via Pinterest.

      Amnesia. Photo via Pinterest.

      Space Ibiza, (Main Room)


      BCM, Mallorca. Photo via Pinterest.

      Cafe Del Mar, San Antonio


      Mansion. Photo via World Red Eye.

      LIV. Photo via Menbar Photos.

      Electric Pickle. Photo via


      Watergate. Photo via Pinterest.

      Tresor. Photo via Pinterest.

      Berghain (shhh!). Photo via Zacktravel.


      Moog. Photo via

      Razzmatazz (The Loft)

      El Row


      Social Club

      Showcase. Photo via Pinterest.


      Fabric. Photos via The Guardian.

      Ministry of Sound (1991). Photo via

      Plastic People. Photo via FACTmag.

      NEW YORK

      Marquee. Photo via Pearceyproperphotography.

      Webster Hall

      Verboten. Photo via

      Cielo. Photo via


      Trouw (2009-2015), Amsterdam

      Marquee, Las Vegas

      Hakkasan, Las Vegas, Photo via Pinterest.

      The Guverment (1996-2015), Toronto, Photo via VisualBass.

      Kingdom, Austin, Texas. Photo via Pinterest.

      Womb, Tokyo. Photo via Pinterest.

      D-Edge, São Paolo, Brazil

      U-Street Music Hall, Washington D.C

      Guaba Beach Bar, Cyprus. Photo via Pinterest.

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